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$1 million

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About Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson net worth has been estimated to reach 1 million dollars which makes him to be attributed to the list of the millionaires in the world. To the public, Mike Tyson is best known as a retired American boxer. Moreover, Mike Tyson is a champion of a heavyweight competition on a global scale. In addition, Mike Tyson has been stated to earn around 300 million dollars at the peak of his boxing career. Of course, a lot of that money has been wasted on various things and today Mike Tyson net worth reaches only 1 million dollars in comparison to his earnings.

Mike Tyson was born in 1966 in New York. The boxer was raised in a quite dangerous neighborhood. He used to get involved into various crimes while being just a kid and at the age of 13, Mike Tyson was known as a criminal. At that time, the boxer had been arrested for around 40 times.
However, the little Mike Tyson was saved from his neighborhood when he got enrolled into Tryon school which was a school for boys. It was his time at the school when everybody noticed that Mike Tyson is talented in the boxing ring. Soon after, Mike Tyson started to be trained by Bobby Stewart, who was known as a former boxer and also a counselor at the juvenile detention center. Also, Bobby Stewart was the one who introduced Mike Tyson to a so popular trainer of boxing Cus d’Amato. When he met Mike Tyson, Cus d’Amato realized his abilities in boxing from the first sight of seeing him in the ring and became his main trainer. Moreover, the two became very close and when Mike Tyson’s mother died, Cus d’Amato became the boxer’s legal guardian and took responsibilities to take care of him when Mike Tyson was 16 years old.
Mike Tyson’s first big winning was in 1982, where he won a silver medal in the Junior Olympics. At that point, Mike Tyson net worth started to increase rapidly. In 1985 Mike Tyson appeared in the fight against Hector Mercedes. In the end, the fight finished with a knock out from Mike Tyson. In KO/TKO the boxer won 26 fights out of 28. Moreover, after such a huge success in the ring, Mike Tyson began to gain a lot of attention from media. Also, his winnings in the ring increased Mike Tyson net worth by a mile.


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