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$8 million

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About Meagan Good

It has been stated that Meagan Good net worth reaches an estimate of 8 million dollars which makes her one of the millionaires in the acting industry. Born in 1981, Meagan Good is known as an actress in both television and big screen productions. In addition to being an actress, she is seldom known as a TV and film producer, as well, which also increases the total amount of Meagan Good net worth.
Meagan Good started her career as an actress when she was only 4 years old. At that time, she appeared in a lot of TV commercials, TV shows and series, got roles in films as well as in some music videos. Meagan Good was born in Los Angeles. Her mother was known to be her manager in her professional career as an actress when Meagan Good was a teenager. Her father is known to be working as a police officer.

When Meagan Good hit her thirteen birthday, she was casted to appear in a popular film called “Friday” which was released in 1995. In 1997, she got a role of Cisely Batiste in the movie called “Eve’s Bayou”. After her appearance in it, Meagan Good began to attract more and more talent scouts and was casted in various auditions where she usually succeeded.
In the beginning of 2000s, Meagan Good started to get more mature roles in both films and TV series. For four years, she was appearing in the Nickelodeon’s production called “Cousin Skeeter” which was loved between teenage and children audiences. It also increased the overall amount of Meagan Good net worth. In 2003, the actress started to get only mature roles. These roles were in movies such as “Deliver Us from Eva” as well as “Biker Boyz”.
One year later, she appeared in the film “D.E.B.S.” for which she also was nominated to get an award at the Black Movie awards ceremony. In the film, she acted together with actresses such as Sara Foster, Jill Ritchie and Brooklyn Sudano. In 2006, Meagan Good appeared in the film “Waist Deep”. According to the actress herself, it was her first most important leading role in the film. Therefore, movies and films increase the overall amount of Meagan Good net worth a lot. In addition, she appeared in “Stomp the Yard” which was a dance movie where she acted together with her friend from childhood, Columbus Short, as well as with the singer Ne-Yo.


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