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MC Hammer net worth has been announced to be around 1.5 million dollars. Most of his net worth comes from his careers as a singer, actor, dancer and entertainer.

MC Hammer whose real name is Stanley Kirk Burrell once was known as a multi-millionaire but most of his money he lost when he went bankrupt in 1996, when he also lost a part of Mc Hammer net worth.

The rapper got his recognition in 1980 when he added to the mass of the rappers with a new music style which included both hip hop and pop music elements.

Moreover, MC Hammer became the first rapping artist who received Diamond Status for one of his albums.

Although he is considered to be one of the best rappers of all time, MC Hammer is also a very successful entrepreneur and dancer.

Talking more about his music career, which is his main activity, MC Hammer’s song entitled “U Can’t Touch This” was a big hit and it also added a lot to the overall amount of Mc Hammer net worth.

Although he gained a lot of popularity because of his bankrupt scandal, MC Hammer is also known for his albums releases, record label company and other entrepreneurial activities he is involved in.

Moreover, the star hosts a TV show and is often offered a job to be a judge in various dance competitions where he judge young talents.

In 2008, MC Hammer co-worked in the creation of a dancing website on the internet called “Dance Jam”

In addition, MC Hammer owns his record label company and he is an executive producer of his own TV reality show called “Hammertime”.

He was also involved into creating a new technological start-up called “WireDoo”,

which is a search engine competing with such huge search engines on the internet as Google or Yahoo.

However, his best year is considered to have been 1991, when he received 33 million dollars.

However, he got into debt for 14 million dollars, which forced him to go bankrupt in 1996.

Most of his money MC Hammer wasted on expensive things such as sport cars, airplanes, a record label company and real estates.

He spent around 30 million dollars for a real estate around which he grew up and eventually sold it for almost 7 million dollars.
Of course, the bankrupt scandal affected Mc Hammer net worth.

Moreover, MC Hammer was also known for having a huge entourage, for which he spent around 500 thousand dollars per month.


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