Net Worth:
$300 million

About Matt Stone

It has been claimed that Matt Stone net worth reaches 300 million dollars. He has accumulated his net worth through a series of jobs such as acting, film producing and directing, writing, screenwriting, television producing and directing and many more jobs related to cinema industry. Thus, his involvement into cinema and television business is the main source of Matt Stone net worth.

Born in 1971, Matt Stone is also known as a voice actor who voiced various animated characters. In addition, he is also known as an animator. The most popular creation for which he is known to the public is the TV animated series called “South Park” which he developed together with his friend Trey Parker. “South Park” is known internationally and brought a lot of financial success to both of its creators. Initially, the TV series were called “Jesus Vs Frosty”. The first series of it were released in 1992.

However, the first success as a duo they received when they released series called “Alfred Packer: The Musical” which was later renamed to “Cannibal the Musical”. After that Matt Stone together with Trey Parker created another short animated series called “Jesus Vs Santa” which gave the beginning to the creation of “South Park”. The TV series “South Park” have been broadcasted for more than fifteen years and have been loved all across the world. Although these series are animated, the target audience of them is not children but grown-ups.

Although Matt Stone was born in Texas, he and his sister were raised in Colorado. In Colorado both of them were studying in Heritage High School. When he finished it, Matt Stone enrolled to study in the University of Colorado where he graduated in cinema and mathematics and was the first student to do so.

When he was a student at the University of Colorado, Matt Stone created “Cannibal the Musical” with Trey Parker. The series received positive comments and the duo was asked to make more animated series. The duo had two choices. They either could have created a sequel to previously made “Jesus Vs Frosty” or to create new series about a new character named Mr. Hankey. However, they decided to create a show about four boys which led to the creation of “South Park”. The TV show started to air on the Comedy Central channel and it added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Matt Stone net worth.

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