Net Worth:
$500 million

About Matt Groening

One of the best American animators Matt Groening net worth has been stated to have an estimate which reaches 500 million dollars. He is mostly known as the creator of the popular animated TV series “The Simpsons” which is known all around the world and which brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Matt Groening net worth.

Raised in Portland, Matt Groening moved to Los Angeles in order to seek for better future and at first worked a series of non-related to his current career jobs. The experience which he gained in those jobs Matt Groening published in his animated book called “Life in Hell”. The book started accumulating Matt Groening net worth and was noticed by James L. Brooks, who asked Matt Groening to turn his book into a TV series called “Tracey Ulman Show”. However, another idea was thought of and it was the creation of the TV series “The Simpsons”.
The main idea of the TV series was to portray an American family, which was the Simpsons and which consisted of five family members – Homer, Margie, Lisa, Bart and Maggie – and show the dysfunctions of an American family via these characters. One of the most interesting things about the creation of “The Simpsons” is that Matt Groening named the characters after the real names of his family members. At first, “The Simpsons” were short sketches featured on the “Tracey Ulman Show” and only later they developed into independent TV series. “The Simpson” became the most watched animated TV series. It comprised of 23 seasons which included around 500 episodes.
In addition to the creation of “The Simpsons”, Matt Groening also developed another animated TV series called “Futurama” which also increased the total amount of Matt Groening net worth. 101 episodes of it were shown in 6 seasons.
Born in 1954, Matt Groening was the middle child out of his five siblings. His mother worked as a teacher and his father was involved into cinema industry. He was a cartoon creator, writer and filmmaker, thus Matt Groening was influenced a lot by his father.
When attending the college, Matt Groening worked in its newspaper called “The Cooper Point Journal”. His job was to write articles and also to draw cartoons. Thus, his passion for drawing cartoons grew stronger and stronger which evolved into the most popular animated TV series all around the world known as “The Simpsons”.

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