Net Worth:
$40 million

About Marc Anthony

It has been stated that Marc Anthony net worth has an estimate of 40 million dollars. A huge part of his net worth comes from his involvement into acting and music industries. Born in New York, Marc Anthony is known as a singer, song writer, musician and actor.
He is mostly remembered as a singer of his so beloved salsa music style. It seems to be loved all across the world because it adds millions of dollars to the overall amount of Marc Anthony net worth. He is known as one of the best salsa musicians in the history of music which gained him a lot of recognition and awards amongst which he has three Latin Grammy awards and two Grammy awards. All in all, he has sold more than 30 million copies of his albums on an international scale.

He is also known for his relationships. Marc Anthony was married to entertainer Jennifer Lopez with whom he stayed in marriage for seven years. However, recently the couple has divorced. It has been rumored that before he got married to Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony net worth was estimated to be between 8-10 million dollars. Therefore, when he got married with the star, his net worth increased a lot as well.

His net worth came from his album sales, touring, a house which he has in New York and his own condo in Miami. Also, Marc Anthony owns a mansion in California together with Jennifer Lopez. The mansion is worth 10 million dollars and there have been a lot of speculations to which one of them the house is going to belong to after their divorce. Also, it has been stated that Marc Anthony is entitled to get 50 percent of all property and earnings which the ex-couple got during their marriage years. Together with Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony has bought stakes in Miami Dolphins football team which is going to be split after their final divorce.
Talking about Marc Anthony career as an actor, he has appeared in a lot of films such as “Man on Fire”, “Hackers”, “The Substitute” and “In the Time of Butterflies”. All these movies increased Marc Anthony net worth as well.

In addition to his acting career, he is also known as a musician. He has also collaborated with other artists such as Latin Rascals, Menudo and Ann Marie. In 1993 Marc Anthony released his single called “Otra Notra” which was a Spanish song received well on an international level.

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