Net Worth:
$500 million

About Magic Johnson

One of the best basketball players of all time Magic Johnson net worth has been estimated to reach 500 million dollars, which also makes him one of the highest paid basketball players in history. However, Magic Johnson whose real name is Earvin Johnson Jr. has retired from his splendid basketball player career which brought millions of dollars to the overall amount of Magic Johnson net worth. In addition to his career in basketball, Magic Johnson is also a very successful entrepreneur.

Magic Johnson was born in 1959 in Michigan. His parents were not involved into sports. Magic Johnson’s father worked in the assembly line of General Motors and his mother was a janitor at school. At a very early age Magic Johnson got involved into basketball. He liked to watch his favorite basketball players such as Earl Monroe and decided that he also wanted to be such a talented and professional basketball player as his idols.
When he attended Everett High School, Magic Johnson immediately joined his school’s basketball team and became a huge star while playing it. His nickname ‘Magic’ was thought of by a local sportswriter, who named him like that because when Magic Johnson was only fifteen years old, he scored a triple double with 36 points, had 18 rebounds and 16 assists. It was a really huge achievement for such a young basketball player and everybody started realizing his true potential to play the game which brought huge success and millions of dollars to the total amount of Magic Johnson net worth.
During his senior year at his high school, Magic Johnson led his team to the state championships which made him a huge star in his school. After he finished high school, Magic Johnson received a lot of offers to study on a scholarship to various universities, however he chosen the one which was closer to his home. Therefore, he enrolled into Michigan State University.
In 1979, the legendary game took place when he led his team in the game to play with Indiana State University. The game was televised and it had very high ratings. Michigan beat Indiana and after the winning Magic Johnson got the title of the Most Outstanding Player.
In the draft of 1979, Magic Johnson was the 1st pick for the team Los Angeles Lakers which was a huge achievement for him. Thus, his career in basketball snowballed from there and he started to play in major leagues in the United States bringing millions of dollars to the overall amount of Magic Johnson net worth.

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