About Lorne Michaels

It has been reported that Lorne Michaels net worth reaches 350 million dollars. He is known as a producer of film and theater who was born in Toronto, Canada. Lorne Michaels is mostly recognized as the producer of the TV show called “Saturday Night Live” where he is also one of the main creators. In addition, he has produced various spin-offs of “Saturday Night Live” such as TV series and specials, therefore producing is one of the most important sources of Lorne Michaels net worth. Moreover, he is known as award winning writer and comic. Lorne Michaels has received 6 Emmy award nominations for his career as a writer which is also an important source of Lorne Michaels net worth.
In 1966, Lorne Michaels finished University of Toronto, where he was studying English. His first involvement into writing and broadcasting was with the CBC Radio. Later, Lorne Michaels moved to Los Angeles in order to seek for more opportunities as a writer. Immediately, he was hired by the “Laugh-In” and “The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show” productions.

Moreover, he is also known as an actor. Lorne Michaels appeared in a Canadian show called “The Hart and Lorne Terrific Hour” where he was acting together with Hart Pomerantz. However, the show was broadcasted only for a short period of time in 1970s. His ex-wife Rosie Shuster was also involved in the making of “Saturday Night Live” for a short period of time. Lorne Michaels divorced with her in 1980.
In 1975, Lorne Michaels was one of the creators of the TV show “Saturday Night” which after two years of airing was changed into “Saturday Night Live”. The TV show is still one of the most favorite talk shows in the United States. It also is one of the most important sources of Lorne Michaels net worth.
In the first seasons of the show, it gained a lot of popularity because it was regarded as one of not so many TV shows which were unpredictable and cutting edge. Furthermore, the show promoted comedians who were in the very beginning of their careers in the entertainment industry. Although Lorne Michaels’ main position is to be an executive of the show, sometimes he also appears on the screen and is known because of his deadpan humour. Throughout all of the years of the show’s airing, “Saturday Night Live” has been nominated to receive 156 Emmy awards and got 36 of them.


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