About Lisa Vanderpump
Lisa Vanderpump net worth has been announced to be around 65 million dollars. For every television season she is said to be getting 250 thousand dollars, which is a huge amount of money. Lisa Vanderpump is known to the public as a successful British businesswoman. She is supposed to be getting 250 thousand dollars for every

season of “The Real Housewives”. Lisa Vanderpump net worth is combined through her ownership of 26 restaurants and also appearances on numerous television shows such as “Baywatch Nights” and “Silk Stalkings”.

She has been married to her husband Ken Todd for 29 years and has her surname, thus she is usually referred to as Lisa vanderpump-Todd also. For majority of time the woman used to be called by her nickname Pinky by many of her friends. When she began her acting career, Lisa Vanderpump appeared in various television shows, series and movies, including “A Touch of Class”, “The Wildcats of St. Trinian’s”, and the before mentioned “Baywatch Nights” and “Silk Stalkings”. Although the actress was born in London, England, she was living in the Southern France, Monte Carlo. But eventually Lisa Vanderpump moved to live in Los Angeles, the United States.

Together with her husband, she is living with their two children – their biological daughter Pandora, who is 24 years old, and their adopted son Max, who is 19 years old. Lisa is 50 years old right now and she is also the oldest member of the Beverly Hills Housewives TV show. However, that does not stop her from getting high ratings and increasing Lisa Vanderpump net worth. Lisa Vanderpump, together with her husband, own 26 restaurants and they are also the owners of the sexiest restaurant in Beverly Hills called “Villa Blanca”. The place is known as a spot where many celebrities gather every night. Moreover, this is the place where stars go to see and where they can be seen by others.

Furthermore, Lisa Vanderpump did all the designs in her restaurants, bars and clubs, and she did a really good job and everybody praises her for that, thus it is another talent of hers. Also, the businesswoman has a motto “find something you love doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Thus, it appears that she loves what she is doing right now and this is why she enjoys her life so much. It is even better because if you like what you are doing, you get rewarded for that and probably this is the reason why Lisa Vanderpump net worth is of a really high amount of money.


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