Net Worth:
$300 millio

About Lisa Marie Presley

It has been estimated that Lisa Marie Presley net worth reaches 300 million dollars. Born in Tennessee, Lisa Marie Presley is mostly known as a daughter of a legendary rock and roll singer Elvis Presley.
One of the most important sources of Lisa Marie Presley net worth is music. The star is known to be a singer and songwriter. The singer has released three albums. The third one was released after Lisa Marie Presley took a break from her music career. The first two albums of the singer have even achieved gold status and the sales of them increased the overall amount of Lisa Marie net worth a lot.

Although a lot of people know her just because of her family relations, Lisa Marie Presley sought to prove to the public that she is more than just a daughter of a well known singer and established her musical career by herself. Her album called “Storm & Grace” was released in 2012. The songs in the album feature a vibe of blues and soul which were acclaimed by music critics as fitting singer’s abilities of song writing and performing.
In addition to her music career, Lisa Marie Presley has been involved with an exhibit in Graceland which was organized for her famous father, Elvis Presley. The exhibit is called “Elvis… Through His Daughter’s Eyes”. It includes around 200 items which were belonging to Elvis Presley and which Lisa Marie Presley has collected during all her life. The exhibit is loved not only by the public and Elvis Presley’s fans, but also by critics. Moreover, Elvis Presley had an aircraft which he called after his daughter, Lisa Marie.
In addition, Lisa Marie Presley is known as a philanthropist. Mostly, the singer is involved into services of her hometown in Tennessee, where her father was also born. Another source of Lisa Marie Presley net worth is Graceland which is the place where her father used to live. Today, Graceland is converted to be a major tourist attraction.
Talking about her personal life, Lisa Marie Presley has been married four times. In 1988, she married her first husband named Danny Keough. With him Lisa Marie Presley has two children, a daughter and a son. Other ex-husbands of the star include actor Nicolas Cage and singer Michael Jackson. Her latest husband is known to be Michael Lockwood with whom Lisa Marie Presley has twin daughters. The couple is known to be living in England.

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