Net Worth:
$60 million

About Lisa Kudrow

It has been announced that one of the stars from the TV show “Friends” Lisa Kudrow net worth reaches 60 million dollars. Born in California in 1963, Lisa Kudrow is best known from the earlier mentioned sitcom “Friends” where she portrayed a role of Phoebe Buffay and which added millions of dollars to the overall amount of Lisa Kudrow net worth.

She was born in a upper middle class family in a Jewish household and has 2 older siblings. Initially, Lisa Kudrow planned to become a doctor like her father who was a headache specialist. She graduated from the Vassar College where he majored in biology degree. For eight years she helped her father in the business and after that her break as an actress came.

In the beginning, Lisa Kudrow was only known as a comedian and only later she started getting roles in various films of other genres. The actress was a member of various comedian groups and got small comedian roles in sitcoms of Cheers and Bob Newhart.
The role which led her to get a part in the TV sitcom “Friends” was in the TV show called “Mad About You” where she portrayed Ursula Buffay. The sitcom was broadcasted on the NBC channel and because of it Lisa Kudrow was chosen to perform a character of Phoebe Buffay in “Friends”. Her role as Phoebe Buffay made her known all around the world. One of the most interesting things is that although these two characters, Ursula Buffay and Phoebe Buffay, were portrayed in two different TV shows, they were known as twins. Also, both shows increased the overall amount of Lisa Kudrow net worth a lot.

However, Phoebe Buffay character is the one which made Lisa Kudrow most famous. In the sitcom, Phoebe Buffay is portrayed as a naïve and aloof woman who says that she is a vegetarian although eats meat and is portrayed as being for the rights of animals, however, in one of the series she appears wearing a fur which she inherited. In addition, Phoebe Buffay is also known for playing guitar and singing bizarre songs. Also, this role was the one which made Lisa Kudrow to be the first cast member of the TV show “Friends” who got an Emmy award in the category of a supporting role. Thus, her appearance on the TV show “Friends” not only increased the overall amount of Lisa Kudrow net worth but also made her popular internationally.

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