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About Leonardo Dicaprio

One of the most popular actors of all time Leonardo Dicaprio net worth is said to be around 200 million dollars. Leonardo Dicaprio, who was born and is living in Los Angeles, is both an actor and a producer, thus his sum of money is coming through mainly these two areas. In the beginning of his acting career, Leonardo Dicaprio

appeared in many TV commercials and a lot of TV series, such as “Growing Pains”. In this TV show he appeared only on the last season, but through that time people started to know him and recognize his potential as an actor. One of the films for which he received a lot of praise and recognition is “This Boy’s Life”, where he was chosen to be a main character and of course the film brought a lot of money to the overall Leonardo Dicaprio net worth.

Also, the actor was nominated for the best supporting actor in the Academy Award ceremony for his role in the film “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”. Moreover, Leonardo Dicaprio was also praised for roles in the films such as “Total Eclipse and “The Basketball Diaries”, which also brought huge sums of money into Leonardo Dicaprio net worth. In 1996, Leonardo Dicaprio appeared in the film “Romeo and Juliet”. The film was a major success and it grossed overall 147.5 million dollars in the whole world. In 1997, another successful film was produced. This time it was the legendary film by James Cameron “Titanic”. It was this film which made Leonardo Dicaprio the star in the whole world.

“Titanic” broke all the records and won many awards. After the release of “Titanic”, Leonardo Dicaprio started appearing in more and more movies and his roles were really successful. Such films include “Catch Me If You Can”, “Inception” and “Revolutionary Road”, which also won some awards. Furthermore, Leonardo Dicaprio starred in movies produced and directed by Martin Scorsese. These films include “Gangs of New York”, “The Aviator”, “The Departed” and “Shutter Island”.

As a producer, Leonardo Dicaprio was in charge of films such as “The Aviator” and “Orphan”. Leonardo Dicaprio has received many numerous awards, including Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, Golden Globe Award and a lot of critics’ groups’ awards. The film which scored the highest in the revenues is “Inception”, which received 59 million dollars. In comparison to “Titanic”, the latter film scored 2.5 million dollars in total revenue. Thus, it is apparent that all the movies in which the actor appears gross a lot of money which also adds to Leonardo Dicaprio net worth.


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