Net Worth:
$50 million

About Lee Najjar

It has been reported that the overall amount of Lee Najjar net worth reaches 50 million dollars. He is of Puerto Rican descent and is regarded as one of the most successful real estate developers of all time. In addition to being involved into real estate, he is also known as a TV personality, which is another important source of Lee Najjar net worth. He has been developing real estate projects in mainly Atlanta, Georgia.
Talking about him appearing on reality TV show, he is a guest star in the TV show called “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” where he is known as a husband of Kim Zolciak and is referred to in the show as Big Poppa. In the TV show, he got famous because of his spending money and also because of his supporting his wife, including her unsuccessful career as a singer.

In the TV show, it was also portrayed that Lee Najjar was residing in a huge mansion worth 25 million dollars established in Buckhead County. However, in 2012, the news was released that Lee Najjar was arrested because of DUI in the Fulton County Georgia. In addition, Lee Najjar is also known as a businessman.
Recently, the statements have been published that he was selling his mansion. The initial price of it was reported to be 19.9 million dollars. What is even more interesting is that Lee Najjar used to put his mansion on and off for sale but it seems that finally he decided to sell it. One of the reasons of that was regarded to be his breaking up with his wife Kim Zolciak. The space of the estate has been measured to reach 25 thousand square feet. In addition, in the mansion there are 9 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a swimming pool and a home theater. Also, the mansion is known for his unique and original luxurious décor. When entering the mansion, it seems like you entered a palace with stairs embroidered in gold with red carpet.
When he was arrested, Lee Najjar got notorious because he did not come to the court during its initial proceedings and refused to face charges against him. His initial fine was reported to reach 75 million dollars. However, about his not appearing in the court, Lee Najjar stated that it was a lazy mistake of his lawyer and assured that everything was solved. Nevertheless, he is still known as a successful real estate investor which is the main source of Lee Najjar net worth.

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