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$150 million

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About Larry King

It has been claimed that the overall amount of Larry King net worth reaches 150 million dollars. Larry King is regarded to be one of the most known talk show hosts of all time. Larry King is also known as a journalist, actor and a TV personality which all are important sources of Larry King net worth. Larry King is known not only as a TV show host but also as a radio talk show host. In addition, his career as a TV presenter has been recognized with a lot of awards, such as 10 Cable ACE awards and two Peabody awards.
He started his career as a host in 1950s. It was this time when he became a journalist in Florida and had to host several radio shows. In 1978, he started to host radio show which was a program lasting all night. In 1985, he got his own TV show on the CNN channel which was called “Larry King Live”. The show lasted till 2010 and it increased the overall amount of Larry King net worth by a mile. The show also increased his popularity a lot and Larry King became an international star.

Larry King was born in New York City. His real birth name is Lawrence Harvey Zeiger. His parents were immigrants to the United States. His mother was from Belarus and worked as a garment worker, whereas his father immigrated to the United States from Austria and was known to be an owner of a restaurant and a defense plant worker.
Larry King was raised in a strict Jewish household, however when he grew up, Larry King decided to become an agnostic. However, Larry King’s father died of a heart attack and his mother had to enroll to the welfare in order to take care of her family. Because of his father’s death, Larry King lost his interest in school and other activities, thus it affected him a lot.
When he graduated from high school, Larry King decided to go working in order to help his mother to earn money and pay the bills. However, he always dreamed of becoming a radio show host, which today has also increased the overall amount of Larry King net worth. Talking about more of his interests, Larry King is known as a devoted fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. When Larry King moved to Florida, he found out that there are vacancies for working in broadcasting of the CBS for which he later applied and his career in broadcasting started.


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