Net Worth:
$125 million

About Lance Armstrong

One of the most famous athletes on an international scale Lance Armstrong net worth has been claimed to have an estimate of 125 million dollars, which in addition makes him one of the richest sportsmen. He is best known as an American cyclist, which is his main career and the main source of Lance Armstrong net worth.
However, recently he has also become a very controversial person in the sports world due to several rumors which were proofed to be true. These rumors surrounded the fact that Lance Armstrong was accused of using steroids in the professional racing. Because the rumors came to be true, he lost a lot of accomplishments. Firstly, the cyclist lost his seven medals of Tour de France. In addition, Lance Armstrong lost a lot of endorsement deals with famous companies such as Nike, Trek and Oakley which added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Lance Armstrong net worth.

Although he seems to have some notorious moments in his career, he also did good deeds to some people. For example, he inspired a lot of people who suffer from cancer. Moreover, he raised 500 million dollars for cancer research during all his time while being a cyclist.
Lance Armstrong was the highest paid athlete in the world at the peak of his cyclist career. He was reported to get paid around 20 million dollars from prize money and also endorsement deals which increased Lance Armstrong net worth a lot. Even when he retired from his career, Lance Armstrong managed to accumulate a sum of 15 million dollars per year which he received through a lot of public appearances, public speaking and various sponsorships.
The athlete was born in 1971 in Plano, Texas. Lance Armstrong grew up in the care of his mother because his father left the family when the boy was only two years old. When he was ten years old, he became interested in sports and at first took swimming and running lessons. Three years later, Lance Armstrong was already competing with other athletes in cycling and triathlons.
Later, the athlete made a decision that he would focus only on cycling instead of jumping to various sports branches. When he was a senior in his high school, Lance Armstrong got an invitation to train together with Olympic development team of the United States which was established in Colorado Springs. In 1989 he achieved one of his first accomplishments. He became 11th in the World Champion road race and because of that Lance Armstrong got a title of the amateur champion of the United States.

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