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One of the biggest stars in sports industry Kobe Bryant net worth has been estimated to reach 200 million dollars. In addition, he has been announced to get around 25 million dollars as his annual salary, which also makes him one of the best paid basketball players and which increases Kobe Bryant net worth by a mile.

Kobe Bryant is known to the public as the member of the basketball team called “Los Angeles Lakers”. It has been stated that in salary alone which he got from playing in the “Los Angeles Lakers” Kobe Bryant accumulated a huge amount of money, which reaches 221 million dollars and this sum of money has been reached during his 16 years of playing in the team. In addition, Kobe Bryant net worth has been accumulated through his many endorsement deals, which bring millions of dollars to his net worth every year. However, the biggest part of his net worth is accumulated while playing in the “Los Angeles Lakers” basketball team.
Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia in 1978. His father was also involved into playing basketball and he was one of the players in the team called “Philadelphia 76ers”. Thus, it has been rumored that it was his father who tried to spark an interest into playing basketball for Kobe Bryant. Moreover, his parents named him ‘Kobe’ because of the famous beef which is produced in Japan and is of the same name, Kobe.
Kobe Bryant played basketball in his high school. Furthermore, he was the one who led his high school basketball team to win a championship, which has not been done for over 50 years. Thus, he became a huge star in his high school and after the championship he started getting offers to play for various basketball teams.
Also, after the championship, Kobe Bryant received many titles, such as Gatorade’s Men’s national basketball player of the year and the USA Today’s All USA first team player. Although he received a scholarship with which he had an opportunity to get accepted into various colleges, Kobe Bryant decided to go right to the league of pros.
At the beginning, he was drafted to play for the team called “Charlotte Hornets” but after some time Kobe Bryant switched to his dream team “Los Angeles Lakers” which he was a fan of when still being a kid. It seems that his decision to play for “Los Angeles Lakers” was more than ok because it brought millions of dollars to Kobe Bryant net worth.


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