Net Worth:
$50 million

About Kimora Lee Simmons

It has been estimated that Kimora Lee Simmons net worth reaches 50 million dollars. Kimora Lee Simmons name is very popular in the fashion industry. The star is known as a fashion model and also the partner of the clothing line called “Phat Fashions” which is one of the major sources of Kimora Lee Simmons net worth. In addition, she also is known as a former president of the company and also a current creative director of it.

Kimora Lee Simmons was born in Missouri. Joanne Perkins was known as her Korean mother who worked as a Social Security Administrator. Her father worked as a Marshal and bail bondsman. However, currently he is known to be working as a barber in a local shop.
When Kimora Lee Simmons was growing up, it was not easy for her, especially during her school years. At that time, the star got bullied and teased a lot because of her height and mixed origin. When her mother noticed that, she decided that starting modeling lessons might help her daughter. Thus, when Kimora Lee Simmons was eleven years old, she started to attend modeling lessons.
When she was thirteen years old, model agent from Paris noticed her and invited her to come to model to France, thus Kimora Lee Simmons flew to Paris and started her professional modeling career, which is another source of Kimora Lee Simmons net worth.
Moreover, after the celebration of her thirteen birthday, Kimora Lee Simmons got the best birthday present ever. She signed a contract with the company Chanel and started working for Karl Lagerfeld himself. In 1989, she was chosen to be the closing number for his show and gained a lot of attention because of her performance in his fashion show.
In one of her interviews, Kimora Lee Simmons confessed that at that time every detail about her which people thought were strange became brilliant for people involved in the fashion business.
In 2007, Kimora Lee Simmons was promoted to become a president and a creative director of the “Phat Fashions” company. The fashion line “Baby Phat” was supported and partially created by Kimora Lee Simmons and turned the line into a lifestyle clothing brand. Moreover, she launched her own couture line in 2007 which was called “KLS”.
In addition to getting involved in the fashion industry, Kimora Lee Simmons is also an author. She has released her book entitled “Fabulosity: What It Is and How to Get It” which gained a lot of readership and increased the overall amount of Kimora Lee Simmons net worth. The book was published by the HarperEntertainment company in the winter of 2006. The book covers a lot of topics such as finances, fashion, beauty and spirituality.

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