Net Worth:
$37 million

About Kid Rock

Kid Rock is known as a singer, musician, songwriter, rapper, artist and actor, which all increase the overall amount of Kid Rock net worth. Currently, his net worth has been claimed to reach 37 million dollars. Kid Rock whose real name is Robert James Ritchie has been nominated to get five Grammy Awards.
In the beginning of his career, Kid Rock’s musical tapes did not receive a lot of attention. The breakthrough for him was in 1998 when Kid Rock released his record called “Devil Without a Cause”. It was released under the Atlantic Records. However, Kid Rock himself liked his previous mix tapes, therefore in 2000 Kid Rock released the album called “The History of Rock” which included songs from his early career in music industry. This time, it gained more success and the sales of it increased Kid Rock net worth. In addition, the album included other singles which were not written before such as “Abortion” and “American Bad Ass”.

In 2001, another album of him was released called “Cocky”. One of his most successful singles is “Picture” which he recorded with Sheryl Crow. The song is of country music genre and it skyrocketed the sales of the album in which the single was included. What is even more interesting is that the album did not have a lot of success in the beginning of its release, however later it became so well sold that 5 million copies of it were sold and it increased the overall amount of Kid Rock net worth by a mile.
However, another album called “Live Trucker” did not receive such huge success. The album included live hits and practically the audience did not even notice it. One year later, Kid Rock considered come back to the stage with more power and this time he received more attention from the public. His single “All Summer Long” received international success and it was included in his album called “Rock and Roll Jesus”. The single “All Summer Long” landed in the 1st place in eight countries in Europe and also in Australia. The sales of it increased Kid Rock net worth by a mile.
Talking about the album “Rock and Roll Jesus”, it was a very successful comeback. 5 million copies of it were sold and it even got a triple platinum title in the United States. Another album which also got platinum title was called “Rock and Roll Jesus”.

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