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$150 million

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About Kevin Costner

One of the biggest stars in the cinema industry Kevin Costner net worth has been reported to have an estimate of 150 million dollars. His net worth comes from his involvement into acting, film directing and producing, singing and getting into business.
Talking about his accomplishments into cinema industry, Kevin Costner has received two Academy Awards and two Golden Globes. In addition, he has been nominated three times to get BAFTA award. As an actor, Kevin Costner has appeared in a lot of movies such as “Dances with Wolves”, “JFK”, “Field of Dreams” and “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”. All his performances in these movies added millions of dollars to the overall amount of Kevin Costner net worth.
As a singer, Kevin Costner founded a band called “Modern West” and has been a member in the band since 2007.

Kevin Costner was born in California and he has two other brothers who are older than him. When he was studying in high school, Kevin Costner was not interested into academic sciences. Instead, he excelled in sports and music. In one of his interviews, he admitted that the film called “How the West Was Won” formed his childhood a lot.
However, because of his father’s work Kevin Costner had to move to various different places of California. This period of time was one of the hardest while growing up because he had to make new friends all the time and as Kevin Costner stated it made him to be less self-confident than he used to be.

After he graduatedfrom high school, Kevin Costner enrolled into California State University where he got his B.A. degree in marketing and finance. He became interested into acting when he was still studying in university. During his last years of studying there, Kevin Costner married Cindy Silva. Kevin Costner started taking acting lessons every night which increased his abilities in the field which later became his main source of Kevin Costner net worth. At the same time he got a marketing job, however he did not stay in this position for a long time.

Because the job interrupted with his acting career, Kevin Costner took a variety of odd jobs which allowed him to take acting lessons at the same time. These jobs included selling and working on fishing boats and driving a truck. Thus, acting career became his main job which today brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Kevin Costner net worth.


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