Net Worth:
$55 million

About Kelly Ripa

It has been estimated that Kelly Ripa net worth reaches 55 million dollars. However, there are some sources which state that the actual amount of her net worth is 75 million dollars. In addition, Kelly Ripa receives an annual salary of 20 million dollars which increases the total amount of Kelly Ripa net worth by a mile. Kelly Ripa has accumulated her net worth through a series of jobs. She is known as a TV talk show host, presenter and actress. Born in 1970, she is also known as a TV producer which is another important source of Kelly Ripa net worth. First of all, she started being known to the public as an actress who appeared in TV series called “All My Children” which was broadcasted from 1990 till 2002. In these TV series, Kelly Ripa played a role of Hayley Vaughan. Today she is mostly known because of her TV show called “Live! With Kelly” which is a very popular morning show. In addition, Kelly Ripa has her own production company called “Milojo” which she founded together with her husband Mark Consuelos.

In 2012, Kelly Ripa received one of the most important titles for her. It was in the list of the Most Powerful People in Media business which was created by The Hollywood Reporter.
Kelly Ripa was born in New Jersey to her parents who were not involved into media industry. Her father worked as a bus driver and president of labour union while her mother was a homemaker. In addition, Kelly Ripa has a sister named Linda who is known as a successful children book author. Therefore, Kelly Ripa is the first person in her family who became involved into media business.

When she was only a little girl, Kelly Ripa enjoyed dancing ballet and also took piano lessons. In addition, the actress herself stated that although she is nothing like Barbra Streisand she is still able to stay in tune when singing and playing instruments.

When she was attending high school, Kelly Ripa belonged to its cheerleaders squad. Later, one of her teachers encouraged her to get involved into acting industry. At first, she appeared in some local theater productions while she was finally noticed when performing in the production of “Ugly Duckling”.
Initially she enrolled into Camden County College where she studied psychology, however soon after she quitted it and moved to live to New York where she intended to seek for an actress career which today brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Kelly Ripa net worth.

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