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About Keith Richards

One of the most popular and successful musicians of all time Keith Richards net worth has been reported to have an estimate of 280 million dollars. He is known as a singer, songwriter and a founder of one of the most successful bands called “The Rolling Stones”. Keith Richards also holds the 10th position of the best guitarists of all time. The songs he has written have reached high positions in the list of the 500 greatest songs of all time which was published in the Rolling Stones magazine. Thus, songwriting is a huge source of Keith Richards net worth. In writing songs, Keith Richards works closely with Mick Jagger who is the leader singer of the Rolling Stones band. However, Keith Richards got very notorious when it was proved that he is a drug addict.

When he got his first guitar from his mother, Keith Richards started playing and recording songs of Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday and many more. His idol was Scotty Moore. However, his father was not very happy about his son’s passion for music although his mother saw it as a huge potential of her son.

Moreover, while growing up, Keith Richards made friends with Mick Jagger and the boys studied in primary school together before moving out in 1954. When Keith Richards was studying in a technical school for boys, he was chosen by his choirmaster together with several other boys to sing in a boy’s soprano trio during various events, including singing in the Westminster Abbey for the occasion which was attended by Queen Elizabeth II.
When he was expelled from the technical school, Keith Richards enrolled into Sidcup Art College. There he spent more time playing guitar and singing with other boys than paying attention to his school work.

When Keith Richards met Mick Jagger after a long time without seeing each other, they soon realized their common interest in music and started collaborating. Their working together added a lot of revenues to both of them, including Keith Richards net worth. Thus, Keith Richards moved to London to live with Mick Jagger and to continue working on music. He also joined Mick Jagger’s band in which he was singing at that time and which was called “Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys”. Soon after, they created a new band which was called “The Rolling Stones” and which increased the overall amount of Keith Richards net worth a lot.


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