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About Katt Williams

One of the most interesting questions in the entertainment industry has been what is the estimate of Katt Williams net worth. Recetly published data showed that the net worth of Katt Williams reaches 4.5 million dollars. Born in Ohio, the United States, Katt William is best known to the public as a stand-up comedian and actor, who accumulated his net worth mainly from his appearances on stage and on big screen.

Katt Williams like all stand-up comedians started his career in comic world when he appeared in clubs while still being underage, where he performed and was telling jokes to the audience. At that time, Katt Williams noticed that comics are getting into clubs without having to show their ID cards, therefore the young comedian decided to sneak into club in the entrance where all comedians gathered and he did it successfully. Probably at that time he did not even realize that some years later Katt Williams net worth would grow up to be so high.

Moreover, today the actor is mostly remembered because of his improvisations on the TV shows such as “Wild’n’Out”. Furthermore, another sphere which brings a lot of money to the overall Katt Williams net worth is his acting in big screen movies including “Norbit” and “Friday After Next”. Also, in addition to his stand-up comedian and acting careers, Katt Williams starts to become involved into music and more specifically – to become a rapper.

Born in 1971, the comedian is also known for his role in the movie called “The Boondocks” where he voiced the character of A Pimp Named Slickback. Furthermore, in the TV show called “My Wife and Kids”, Katt Williams portrayed an invented character named Bobby Shaw. Thus, as can be noticed, his acting career is increasing step by step with him getting involved into more and more TV shows and films. Moreover, Katt Williams has a strong opinion about improvisations.

He states that for a person who wants to get involved into comedy business, improvisations at local clubs help a lot, because improvisations are the key elements in order for young actors to get into big screen and his case of career proves that. His first show where Katt Williams appeared was called “BET’s Comic View”. Although the show did not contribute to the total amount of Katt Williams net worth, it set a path for him to gain experience and achieve his goals.


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