It has been estimated that Katie Couric net worth is as high as 55 million dollars. In addition, she has been reported to get a salary of 15 million dollars per year which increases Katie Couric net worth by a mile. Katie Couric is best known to the public as a journalist, author, TV anchor, news presenter, film producer and director. Therefore, she gets all her incomes as a part in the television and cinema industry.
Currently, she is known as a journalist in the ABC channel where she works in the ABC News, ABC World News as well as Good Morning America and This Week. In 2012, it was announced that she was going to have her own TV talk show called “Katie” which was going to be broadcasted on the Disney-ABC television. Katie Couric has also worked in other TV shows such as CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes and Today’s Show. All these contributions added a lot to the overall amount of Katie Couric net worth. K

atie Couric was one of the very first female anchors of the TV news which were broadcasted on traditional channel in the United States. In addition to being a television personality, she is also known as a writer and an author. Her book entitled “The Best Advise I Ever Got: Lessons From Extraordinary Life” was titled as the best seller in the New York’s best-sellers list.
Katie Couric was born in Virginia to her parents who were also involved into writing. Her mother worked as a part-time writer and a homemaker, whereas her father was a news editor in various journals and also was involved into public relations. Katie Couric stated that she had ancestry in France as well as in the Jewish family.
When she was studying at high school, Katie Couric was also a cheerleader. In addition, while she was attending university, she had an internship at news radio station called WAVA in Washington, DC. In 1979, she finished university, where she got a degree in English and concentrated on American Studies.
In the same year, Katie Couric was hired by the ABC news. Some time later, Katie Couric got a job position in CNN where she worked as an assignment editor. These two jobs started to accumulate the total amount of Katie Couric net worth. For two years, 1984-1986, she also worked in Miami, Florida, as a reporter for the WTVJ.

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