Net Worth:
$200 thousand

About Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin net worth has been estimated to be 200 thousand dollars. A huge part of it comes from her being a TV reality star. She is also known as a mother of eight children.

Born in Pennsylvania, Kate Gosselin is mostly remembered as a star who had her own TV reality show which was entitled “Jon and Kate Plus Eight”, where her whole family was starring. The TV show aired between the years 2007-2009 and added a lot of money to the overall amount of Kate Gosselin net worth. The show stopped airing when Kate and her husband Jon divorced. However, Kate Gosselin still stayed on TV screens and got a modified version of the show which was called “Kate Plus Eight” in which she appeared with her eight children. However, a lot of people agree that the show was on its peak when it also included her husband.
Thus, Kate Gosselin started searching for another TV show which could be as popular as her TV reality show “Jon and Kate Plus Eight”. At one time it seemed that Kate Gosselin would get a chance to host a daily talk show, however it did not happen and the star was left unemployed. Recently it has been noticed that Kate Gosselin started appearing on various TV shows and in almost all of them she has mentioned the fact that she is quite close to the edge of being completely broke. Also, it has been stated that for her appearances on her own TV show “Kate Plus Eight” the star got around 250 thousand dollars for every episode of it.
Kate together with he ex-husband Jon got quite a lot of money from their public speaking events and church activities. Moreover, it has been reported that Kate Gosselin is charging her fans in order for them to have her photograph or autograph.
In addition, Kate Gosselin has been quite successful as an author. She has published four books. Two books of hers landed in the 5th position on the New York Best Sellers List. The sales of all of them increased the total amount of Kate Gosselin net worth.
Also, it has been reported that she received a fortune from her participation in the TV reality show called “Dancing With The Stars”. Thus, in addition to her appearances on her own TV show in which her whole family appears, Kate Gosselin net worth has been also increasing through the sales of her books and other TV appearances.

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