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Justin Timberlake net worth is estimated at around 70 million dollars. It is no surprise to anybody because most of his money comes to him out of his two basic careers – a singer and an actor. In the beginning of his career, Justin Timberlake appeared on a hit TV show “Star Search” and later was discovered and

offered a job in a TV show “Mickey Mouse Club” on Disney. After a one year of his career in “Mickey Mouse Club”, the TV show was closed and Justin Timberlake together with his colleague from that TV show JC Chasez were invited to join the boy band “NSync”. The boy band was quite successful and it also added some money to the overall Justin Timberlake net worth.

The group only released 3 albums, but they were loved by the group’s fans and were sold out fast. The three albums also gained a multi-platinum award by the RIAA and the this from the album such as “Bye Bye Bye” were known worldwide. The song called “It’s Gonna Be Me” even reached the first position in the Billboard Hot 100 List. The group ended their career in 2002, but Justin Timberlake decided to continue his musical path and released his debut album, which was called “Justified” and it also added a lot of money to Justin Timberlake net worth. Also, the album was nominated in Grammy awards and actually won it. His second album was also a success.

It was called “Future Sex / Love Sounds”, which hit the number one in the Billboard and 9 million copies of it were sold not only in the United States, but in the whole world. In 2007, his second album won the category “Best R&B/Soul Album” in American Music Awards. In addition to his singing career, Justin Timberlake also has done some acting jobs. He got a miniscule role in the movie called “Black Snake Moan” and “Southland Tales”. Also, his voice was chosen to be in the movie “Shrek”. Justin Timberlake has had a lot of collaborations with different musical artists, such as Madonna, 50 Cent or Duran Duran and the collaborations were really successful.

Also, a big amount of Justin Timberlake net worth comes from other activities besides music and acting. He owns the business of 901 Tequila, William Rast clothing line. In addition, Justin Timberlake owns a line of restaurants. Thus, Justin Timberlake net worth is reasonably huge when you take into consideration that he gets revenue not only from his music and acting career, but also from other different activities.


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