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$25 million

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About Jon Cryer

It has been stated that Jon Cryer net worth has an estimate of 25 million dollars. In addition, he has been reported to receive 600 thousand dollars for every episode of “Two and a Half Man” in which he appears. Such amount of money increases the total amount of Jon Cryer net worth a lot.
Also, the actor is mostly known because of his appearance in the TV show “Two and a Half Man” which is very successful today. The sitcom is broadcasted on the NBC channel. In the show, he stars alongside many popular stars such as Charlie Sheen.

In addition to being known because of the show, Jon Cryer raised to prominence when he appeared in the film called “Pretty In Pink” which was released in 1986 and was produced by John Hughes.
All of his family was involved into acting industry, thus it is no surprise that Jon Cryer became an actor as well. When he graduated from high school, Jon Cryer moved to live to London where he enrolled into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. There, he gained a lot of experience which was necessary for his future career in cinema business which today brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Jon Cryer net worth.

When he was just a beginner in the industry, he got small roles in various TV and film productions. The movie “Pretty in Pink” was the one which broke ice for him and later he was invited to appear in more movies and films which gained international success.
His debut as a writer and producer was when he made his first movie called “Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God… Be Back By Five”. The film was presented in The Los Angeles Film Festival which happened in 1998. The film got a lot of critical acclaim and was received extremely positively which increased not only Jon Cryer’s confidence as a writer and producer but also the overall amount of Jon Cryer net worth.

Before he was casted to appear in the hit show “Two and a Half Man”, he appeared in a lot of television productions which were not that successful. In addition to appearing in movies and TV shows, he is also a voice of various radio shows and also television advertisements which add extra money to the Jon Cryer net worth.


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