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$7 million

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About Johnny Galecki

It has been announced that Johnny Galecki net worth reaches 7 million dollars. In addition, the actor has been stated to get 250 thousand dollars as his salary for every episode he appears in. Such sum of money increases the overall amount of Johnny Galecki net worth a lot.
Johnny Galecki is known to the public because of his several prominent roles in TV productions and films. One of them is his role as David Healy in the TV show called “Roseanne” which is broadcasted on the ABC channel and is regarded one of the most successful channel’s TV shows. In addition, Johnny Galecki is known as an actor who portrayed a role of Rusty Griswold in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. He has also appeared in the TV series called “The Big Bang Theory” where he portrayed a role of Leonard Hofstatder. The TV show is known worldwide and brings thousands of dollars to the overall amount of Johnny Galecki net worth.

Although he is considered to be an American actor, Johnny Galecki was born in Belgium. His mother worked as a mortgage consultant and his father was enrolled into the United States Air Force established in Belgium. In addition, his father was a teacher of rehabilitation. When the actor was three years old, his whole family moved to Illinois, the United States, where he spent most of his childhood.
In one of his interviews, Johnny Galecki stated that when he was little, he used to talk a lot and made up a lot of stories which were not actually true. Therefore, his mother invented a game of silence when they were told to see how long little Johnny Galecki could keep silent. Also, Johnny Galecki claimed that his mother was both loving and tough, and besides usually saying to her kids “I love you”, she also used the phrase “Get out of here” a lot.
In 1987, Johnny Galecki debuted in TV series called “Murder Ordained” and started his professional career as an actor which today increases Johnny Galecki net worth by a mile. The TV series were broadcasted on the CBS channel. Johnny Galecki appeared in them with actors such as JoBeth Williams and John Goodman, with whom he later became a co-star in the TV series of “Roseanne”. Two years later, he appeared in a second more prominent production called “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. In 1997, he appeared in a horror movie which is known internationally called “I Know What You Did Last Summer”.


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