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$5 million

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About John Mccain

John McCain net worth has been estimated to reach 10.5 million dollars, which also makes him one of the multimillionaires in the world. The multimillionaire whose full name is John Sidney McCain III was born in 1936 and to the public he is known as the senior Senator of the United States from Arizona State. It is the main source of the overall amount of John Mccain net worth. Moreover, in 2008 John McCain participated in the election of the president of the United States and at that time he belonged to the Republican Party.

John McCain also was involved in the Navy of the United States, the same as his father and grandfather who were known as the four-star admirals. Therefore, in 1958 John McCain graduated from the United States Naval Academy. After graduating it, John McCain became the naval aviator and flied in a ground-attack aircraft. John McCain participated in the Vietnam War, during which he almost died in the fire which happened in Forest. Moreover, in 1967 John McCain was shot during the bombing of Hanoi. He was captured by the Northern Vietnamese people and stayed in there till 1973. When being captured, John McCain suffered a lot of torture, which led him to have physical disabilities later in life.
In 1981 John McCain retired from being a naval aviator and moved to live to Arizona. In Arizona he started getting involved into politics, which today brings him millions of dollars to the total amount of John Mccain net worth. In 1982 John McCain became a member in the House of the Representatives. In 1986 the politician was elected to the Senate of the United States. He has been winning elections to the Senate quite a lot and his recent win was in 2010.
To the media, he is known as the one who usually disagrees with the morals and issues of his party. He singed a McCain-Feingold act in 2002, which was a result of his reform about financial issues. To the public, John McCain is also known as the one who is willing to bring a successful end to the war in Iraq. Also, the politician tries to restore good relationship with the Vietnam and its nation. Moreover, John McCain became a chairman in the Senate Commerce Committee and later played a huge role in the reducing the crisis concerning judicial nominations. Thus, his work in political issues is quite active and it brings more and more money to the overall amount of John Mccain net worth.


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