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$5 million

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About Joe Biden

Joe Biden net worth has been claimed to have an estimate of 500 thousand dollars. To all Americans he is recognized as the senator from Delaware. In addition, internationally he is known as the 47th Vice President of the United States which serves under Barack Obama and which is one of the main sources of Joe Biden net worth. Joe Biden served as the Senator of Delaware between the years 1973-2003. After that, he was elected to be the Vice President serving under Barack Obama.

Born in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden moved to live to Delaware with his family when he was 10 years old. In 1969, Joe Biden became an attorney which was another source of Joe Biden net worth which increased it a lot. In 1972, Joe Biden was elected to the board of the Senators for the very first time. Later, Joe Biden started to participate in the elections of the United States Presidential Post, however, he did it unsuccessfully both times when he tried to get nominated for it, once in 1988 and another time in 2008.
In addition, Joe Biden served as a chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, where he was also a long-time member. Moreover, he is recognized as one of the longest serving Senators in the history of the United States Senate. Also, Joe Biden became the fourth most senior Senator when he resigned.
Born in 1942, Joe Biden whose full name is Joseph Robinette Biden, JR he is also known as the member of the Democratic Party of the United States. Moreover, in 2012 Joe Biden was elected to serve under Barack Obama once again. After he served as an attorney in 1969, he became a member of the New Castle County Council. At the time of his election to the United States Senate, Joe Biden was one of the youngest persons to do so. All in all, he was elected as the senator for six times which increased the overall amount of Joe Biden net worth.
Overall, Joe Biden is considered to be the 15th Senator in history who served the longest in the Senate. Joe Biden played a vital role during the Bosnian War, when his assistance helped in the U.S. military service and intervention during the War. In 2002, Joe Biden was for the Resolution of the War in Iraq. However, later he even proposed a new strategy for the United States during the war. Nevertheless, his political career brought him a lot of success and increased his net worth.


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