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$10 million

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About Jim Parsons

It has been reported that Jim Parsons net worth reaches 10 million dollars. He is mostly known as a member from the cast of the TV show called “The Big Bang Theory”. For every episode in which he appears Jim Parsons has been said to get 300 thousand dollars which increase the total amount of Jim Parsons net worth. Thus, the biggest sums of money he is getting from his appearance n the show which is broadcasted on the CBS channel and where he portrays a role of Sheldon Cooper. In the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” Jim Parsons is portrayed as a geek and an amateur scientist and a lot of critics believe that his role is the one which increases the rates of the show and which adds international popularity to it.

What is even more is that Jim Parsons has also received quite a lot of awards for his portrayal of Sheldon Cooper on the show. Jim Parsons is a receiver of the award given to him by the Television Critics Association because of the highest achievements as an individual comedian. In addition, he has received Emmy and Golden Globe awards. He has received an Emmy award in the category of the Outstanding Leading Actor in Comedy. Jim Parsons got a Golden Globe for being Best Actor in Comedy.

Jim Parsons was born in 1973 in Texas. When he was six years old, he starred in his first school production called “The Elephant Child” where he portrayed a role of Kola-Kola bird. Therefore, as soon as he was involved in it, Jim Parsons decided that he wanted to become an actor and get involved into cinema business which today brings thousands of dollars to the overall amount of Jim Parsons net worth.

When Jim Parson’s was a child, he used to watch a lot of comedy programs on TV such as “Three’s Company”, “The Cosby Show” and “Family Ties”. When he was studying in high school in Texas, he appeared on the school production called “Noises Off”. Jim Parsons admitted that this was the first time he truly got deeply involved into his character and realized that acting was really about. After that, he admitted that he started to comprehend what is honest acting.

When he graduated from high school, he enrolled to study in the University of Houston. During three years, he was so active in his acting career that he appeared in 17 plays. Thus, acting is a huge part of his life which today brings huge revenues to the overall amount of Jim Parsons net worth.


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