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$100 million

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About Jim Cramer

It has been estimated that Jim Cramer net worth reaches 100 million dollars. He has accumulated his net worth through a series of jobs. Jim Cramer is known as a former hedge fund manager which was the major source of Jim Cramer net worth for quite some time. He is also known as a TV personality, author and writer. In addition, Jim Cramer is the owner of, Inc. He is also a chairman of the company. Jim Cramer is a host of the TV show called “Mad Money” which is broadcasted on the CNBC channel.

After Jim Cramer finished high school, he enrolled to study in Harvard College. There he got his B.A. degree in Government and graduated magna cum laude. At first, Jim Cramer started working as a journalist and had several reporting jobs in various magazines. What is more important is that while he was working as a journalist, he also worked closely with governor Jerry Brown which added a lot to the overall amount of Jim Cramer net worth.

In 1979 Jim Cramer began writing in the magazine called “American Lawyer”. He was one of the first reporters who wrote for it. Later, Jim Cramer enrolled into Harvard Law School where he got his Juris Doctor Degree while working closely and assisting in research for Alan Dershowitz.

Jim Cramer’s dream job was to be a prosecutor. However, he could never get this job position because he had lower degrees than required to get the position. In 1985 Jim Cramer eventually became a member in New York State Bar Association.

Moreover, while he was still studying at Harvard Law School, he started to get involved in a stock market. He was noticed by Martin Peretz who is the owner of New Republic and he trusted on him about investing in his own company. He was so successful that in 1984 Jim Cramer got a position as a stock broker at the company of Goldman Sachs. Eventually, he became a TV host of the show “Mad Money” which discusses the matters such as how to become a successful investor. The show adds a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Jim Cramer net worth since 2005 when it was first broadcasted on the CNBC channel.
Talking more about his company, Inc. Jim Cramer is also the advisor and commentator on market for the company. In addition, he is one of the biggest shareholders.


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