Net Worth:
$100 million

About Jesse James

It has been claimed that Jesse James net worth has an estimate of 100 million dollars. He is known as a business mogul from the United States. He is also known as an owner of the company “West Coast Choppers” which increases the overall amount of Jesse James net worth a lot. During the last ten years, Jesse James’ company brought revenues of 200 million dollars which proves that “West Coast Choppers” is doing very well.
In the beginning of the company’s development, it was not that successful. “West Coast Choppers” was created in 1992 in a garage in California. It is hard to believe that today “West Coast Choppers” grew to be a very successful company which owns clothing line which is sold in “Wal Mart”, fast food restaurants, TV shows and a magazine. The company is one of the most successful merchandise and lifestyle productions. It is the most important source of Jesse James net worth, as well.

In addition, Jesse James has his own TV show which is broadcasted on the Discovery Channel and which is called “Monster Garage”.
Talking about his personal relationships, his ex-wife is one of the most popular actresses, Sandra Bullock, to whom he was married from 2005 till 2010. However, the couple divorced because Jesse James was cheating on her with several other women.
One of the most interesting things about the star of his company “West Coast Choppers” is that Jesse James himself built bikes in a garage. Today, more than 50 employees are working in the company which is based in 18,000 square foot house. Custom bikes made in the company can cost anywhere between 60 thousand to 150 thousand dollars. Moreover, cars produced in the company are worth even more. His bikes are loved amongst a lot of celebrities such as Keanu Reaves, Kid Rock and Shaquille O’Neal. Therefore, in the beginning of the company’s development, it specified mainly in the production of motorbikes.
Jesse James is also known as a host of various TV shows which also increase the overall amount of Jesse James net worth. Such TV shows include “Jesse James Is a Dead Man” and the previously mentioned “Monster Garage”. In addition, he was featured in the documentary called “Motorcycle Mania” which was broadcasted on the Discovery Channel. In 2012, he started a new TV show called “Jesse James Outlaw Garage” which is aired on the Discovery Channel, as well.

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