Net Worth:
$15 million

About Jeremy Piven

It has been estimated that actor Jeremy Piven net worth reaches an amount of 15 million dollars. In addition to acting, he is also known as a television producer which is another source of Jeremy Piven net worth. Jeremy Piven is mostly known as a star from the TV series called “Entourage” where he portrays a role of Ari Gold. For his appearance in it, he has also been rewarded with three Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe. Moreover, he was nominated to get other awards in the category of the Best Supporting Actor. In addition, the TV show also increases the overall amount of Jeremy Piven net worth a lot.
Although he was born in New York, Jeremy Piven was raised in suburbs of Illinois, Chicago. His parents were both involved into acting and cinema industry. Jeremy Piven aslo attended a theater academy founded by his parents which was called “Piven Theatre Workshop”. In addition, when he was a teenager, he made friends with John Cusack with whom he appeared in several films and with whom he was attending his parents theater academy, as well. In fact, he and John Cusack rented a flat together while they were studying.

In 1992, Jeremy Piven got his first big role in the TV show called “The Larry Sanders Show”. In the show, Jeremy Piven portrayed a role of Jerry who was a head screen writer. In addition, he has appeared in several films which include “Very Bad Things”, “Singles”, “Runaway Jury”, “The Kingdom”, “Old School” and many others. Talking about his cameo appearances, Jeremy Piven has appeared in “Cars” and “Rush Hour 2”. His appearances in films as well as his cameo appearances also increase the overall amount of Jeremy Piven net worth.
Jeremy Pivon also produced and appeared in the TV show called “Cupid” which was broadcasted on the ABC channel, however the series did not last long. In addition, he appeared in the TV show “Ellen” during its last several seasons.
One of the most personal facts about the star is that he was diagnosed with having hydrargaria which was probably caused by his habit to eat fish two times per day. He revealed this fact during the interview with David Letterman, when Jeremy Piven stated that he stopped eating poultry and meat and began consuming more fish and sea food in order to get proteins. Because of this disease, he was not able to continue his performances on Broadway where he was replaced by Norbert Leo Butz and William H. Macy.

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