Net Worth:
$30 million

About Jenna Jameson

It has been announced that Jenna Jameson net worth has an estimate of 30 million dollars. To the public, she is known as a retired porn star. Today, a huge amount of Jenna Jameson net worth comes from her involvement into business industry.
However, she has accumulated her net worth through her work in porn industry. She is known as one of the most successful porn star who appeared in quite a lot of porn movies. In addition, Jenna Jameson used to be called the Queen of Porn when she was still active in the industry.

In 2000, Jenna Jameson created her porn website on the internet which was called “ClubJenna”. In the beginning of the “ClubJenna” development, the website was used to upload diaries, advices on relationships as well as uploading photos and videos. The website was one of the most important sources of Jenna Jameson net worth. Later on, the website developed to be a completely pornographic website.
A lot of porn movies were uploaded to it. In the first ones of them, Jenna Jameson would appear as a main character, however later more and more actresses were involved into filming these porn movies. A lot of scenes of Jenna Jameson in the movies included joined scenes with women, however there are also a few in which she was acting together with men.
In addition to appearing in these films, Jenna Jameson has also produced some of them such as “Jenna’s Provocateur”. Therefore, being a porn film producer also increased the overall amount of Jenna Jameson net worth.
In 2005, Jenna Jameson became one of the owners of a strip club called “Babes Cabaret” which is established in Arizona, thus in addition to being a porn film star, Jenna Jameson became a businesswoman. There was a lot of controversy about club’s running but after Jenna Jameson initiated a petition, she won the right for the club to be open.
In 2006 “ClubJenna” was bought by Playboy. After its sale, Jenna Jameson continued to be “ClubJenna” executive.
In addition to appearing in porn movies, Jenna Jameson also has been acting in non-pornographic ones, as well, such as “Private Parts”. Moreover, Jenna Jameson had quite a few roles in the animated TV series. She starred as a voice actress in TV series “Family Guy”. Furthermore, the porn star appeared in some music videos including Eminem’s music video for the song “Without Me”.

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