Net Worth:
$130 million

About Jackie Chan

One of the most interesting questions in the Hollywood circuit about the wealthiest celebrities is the question about Jackie Chan net worth. His net worth has been announced to be 130 million dollars. Jackie Chan whose real name is Chan Kong Sang was born in Hong Kong in 1954. He thought of his nickname Jackie Chan while he

was still young. To the public, he is known as an actor, a choreographer, a film maker, comedian, producer, martial artist, screenwriter, singer, stunt performer and entrepreneur.

Apparently, Jackie Chan net worth comes from many different sources and this is the reason why it is so high and increases almost every year. Jackie Chan is also regarded as an international superstar because he is known quite widely in the whole entire world. In addition, Jackie Chan is known for his acrobatic fighting style and action choreography, which is impressive to everybody who has a chance to see it. Also, Jackie Chan is known as one of the best comedians from Hong Kong due to his comic flair and timing. Furthermore, the star does most of his stunts, which proves that Jackie Chan net worth comes from his talents.

He released his first film in 1978 which was entitled “Snake Who Eagles Follow” and it was a breakthrough film for the actor. Later he started to act and produce films of higher scale and level. Moreover, Jackie Chan has appeared in more than 100 films and is regarded as an icon in his home country. Furthermore, in Hong Kong he is also known as a very popular singer with songs in “Cantopop” and “Mandopop”. In addition to that, visitors at Hollywood can find his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Jackie Chan is always funny and knows how to engage and attract the audience and this is one of the reasons why he is so loved and adored in both Hong Kong and the United States. Talking about his marital status, he is married to his wife Lin Feng-Jiao.

Together the couple has one kid whose name is Jaycee Chan. Jackie Chan got his education at Dickson College and China Academy of Drama. In fact, one of the richest stars in Hong Kong came from a really poor family. Actually, his parents were so poor that in one interview the star even revealed the fact that his parents wanted to sell him to an orphanage in order for him to be bought by a rich British family. However, Jackie Chan net worth proves that even if you come from a poor family, you can build your future successfully completely by yourself.

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