Net Worth:
$30 million

About Hulk Hogan

One of the biggest stars in wrestling Hulk Hogan net worth has been estimated to reach 30 million dollars which makes him one of the highest paid wrestlers in the United States. In addition to his career as a wrestler, he is interested and participates in many other activities including acting, film producing and making music, which all add extra money to the overall amount of Hulk Hogan net worth.

Born in 1953, Hulk Hogan whose real birth name is Terry Gene Bollea is singed to a wrestling company called Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. He was mostly successful between the years 1980-1990 when the federation of wrestling named him Hulk Hogan, which stick to him and which he uses in entertainment business. During the World Championship of Wrestling, Hulk Hogan got many other nicknames such as villainous nWo leader and Hollywood Hogan. In 2005 his name was inscribed into WWE Hall of Fame which crowned all his accomplishments during his career as a wrestler.
Hulk Hogan won a lot of championships and beat a lot of competition. The wrestler got titles such as world champion 12 times, WWF/WWE champion six times, WCW World Heavyweight Champion six times and he won Royal Rumble competitions in 1990 and in 1991 which made him the only person to do so two years in a row. Such accomplishments also increased the overall amount of Hulk Hogan net worth. Moreover, the star was the first champion who won WWE Championship three times.
Hulk Hogan is of Panamanian, Italian and French origins. He was born to his father who was involved into construction, and his mother who worked as a dance teacher. Grown up in Charleston, little Hulk Hogan used to play in a Little League Baseball as a pitcher.
When he was sixteen years old, Hulk Hogan started getting interested into wrestling. One of his idols was Billy Graham who inspired Hulk Hogan a lot. The first time when he saw Billy Graham on a TV screen, Hulk Hogan decided to become not only as good in wrestling as he was, but also he tried to copy his looks which were quite ‘inhuman’.
In addition to his being a wrestler, Hulk Hogan is also skillful in music. He played in several rock bands while living in Florida. When Hull Hogan realized that music interrupts his studying, he decided to quit University of South Florida in order to focus on his music career. Thus, music was another source which helped to accumulate Hulk Hogan net worth.

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