One of the most important people in the entertainment industry Hugh Hefner net worth has been estimated to reach 43 million dollars. A huge part of his net worth comes from his involvement into cinema and media business. He is known as an actor, film producer, journalist, editor, businessman and entrepreneur which brings a lot of revenues to the total amount of Hugh Hefner net worth.

Born in 1926, Hugh Hefner is mostly remembered to public as a chief creative officer and also a founder of Playboy enterprises. Moreover, he is actively involved into the publishing of magazine “Playboy”, sales of which bring a lot of incomes to the overall amount of Hugh Hefner net worth.
Hugh Hefner was born in Chicago to his parents who both worked as teachers. The star is of Swedish, English and German origins. Moreover, Hugh Hefner described his family as very conservative. In addition, Hugh Hefner is related to William Bradford who was known as a Plymouth governor.
After he finished high school, Hugh Hefner started writing to a military newspaper while he was enrolled in the U.S. Army between the years 1944-1946. Hugh Hefner later graduated from the University of Illinois. There, he graduated in psychology and also got a double minor degree in writing and arts which took him two and a half years to study. After he graduated from the University of Illinois, he continued to study in Northwestern University where he studied sociology. However, soon after he enrolled into it, he quitted attending it.
Hugh Hefner started working as a copywriter for the Esquire. However, he quitted this job as well because his superiors denied raising his salary with 5 dollars. At that time, he decided to get involved into his biggest business venture – to launch Playboy Enterprise. He mortgaged all of his furniture for 600 dollars and raised 8 thousand dollars from various investors, including his mother as well who gave him 1 thousand dollars. Initially, Playboy was supposed to be called Stag Party.
The first copy of Playboy was released in 1953. The magazine featured a cover of Marilyn Monroe from her photoshoot done in 1949 from her nude calendar. Moreover, 50 thousand copies of the first edition were sold which increased Hugh Hefner net worth. However, many publishing companies denied to release the magazine to the public and Hugh Hefner decided to include some stories in it, such as fiction short story about straight men who were persecuted in the world where homosexuals were treated as a norm.

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