It has been reported that Hillary Clinton net worth has an estimate which reaches more than 21 million dollars. She is mostly known to the public as a politician which is one of the main sources of Hillary Clinton net worth. However, she is also a lawyer, spokesperson and official.
She is also known as being in service of President of the United States, Barack Obama, administration. Hillary Clinton is also known as the 67th State Secretary of the United States. Between the years 2001-2009, Hillary Clinton was the Senator for New York. From 1993 till 2001 Hillary Clinton was considered to be the first lady of the United States due to her husband, Bill Clinton, being the 42nd President of the United States.


In the Presidential Elections of the United States in 2008, Hillary Clinton was a nominee to get the position for the Democratic Party. Thus, her political activities are one of the most important sources of Hillary Clinton net worth.
Hillary Clinton first gained attention when she was still a student. In 1969 she was a commencement speaker in Wellesley College. In 1973 she graduated from the Yale Law School and started her career as a lawyer.
In 1974 Hillary Clinton moved to live to Arkansas, where she married Bill Clinton one year later. In 1979 Hillary Clinton was named the first female partner of the Rose Law firm which mainly led her to get her name listed in the most influential lawyers in the United States.
Hillary Clinton was also one of the members who decided and successfully reformatted the education system in Arkansas. In addition, she has been known as a member of quite a lot of Boards of Directors including Wal-Mart Stores.

When she got the title of the first lady in the United States, her first task she decided to do was to do a reform in health care, however, unsuccessfully because the United States Congress did not approve it. However, Hillary Clinton was one of the members who participated in the State’s Children Health Insurance Program, the Foster Care Independence Act and some others. Therefore, although the Congress rejected her idea to reform the health care system, she participated in some other activities which were important to her. Such involvement also increased the overall amount of Hillary Clinton net worth a lot. As being the first lady of the United States, she received both positive and negative comments from the American public.

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