Net Worth:
$150 million

About Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein net worth has been said to reach approximately 150 million dollars. Most of his net worth comes from cinema. To the public, Harvey Weinstein is known as one of the founders of Miramax films production and also he is a film producer himself. In his career, Harvey Weinstein has been in a close collaboration with his brother. Together, the siblings produced a lot of rock concerts and also produced many films. Moreover, the duo created and developed “The Weinstein Company”, which has been increasing Harvey Weinstein net worth a lot since its beginning. The star was born in New York in 1952.

In addition to the previously mentioned spheres in which Harvey Weinstein is active, he is also involved into other businesses, film directing, acting, screenwriting and investing. Talking about his accomplishments and awards, Harvey Weinstein has won an Academy Award for the production of the “Shakespeare in Love” and even seven Tony awards for producing a lot of movies and musicals. The list of them is so long but the most successful include “The Producers”, “Billy Eliot: the Musical” and “August: Osage County”.

Harvey Weinstein was raised in a Jewish family on very strict Jewish morals. The star attended John Browne high school and after he finished it, Harvey Weinstein enrolled into the State University of New York, established in Buffalo. From his early teenage years, Harvey Weinstein knew that he wanted to get involved into cinema business and with the help of his brother, his dream became real. In 1970s from their first revenues of concert promoting, the brothers created a small at that time film production company, which is known today as Miramax. The company now is one of the most sources of the total Harvey Weinstein net worth.

The company’s name is combined from the names of their parents – Miriam and Max. The first films which the company produced were mainly concerts and performances of music artists and one of the first musical films produced by the company was Paul McCartney’s rock show. However, the first hit movie for Miramax was “The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball”, which was released in 1982. The movie gained a lot of popularity and success and it also increased the overall amount of Harvey Weinstein net worth. The movie was mainly created in order to support amnesty in the United States and help to raise the knowledge about it.

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