Net Worth:
$5 million


It has been stated that the total amount of Guy Fieri net worth reaches an estimate of 3.5 million dollars. He is known as a restaurateur, chef and also a TV personality which are the main sources of Guy Fieri net worth. In addition, he is known as a game show host and an author.
Guy Fieri is a co-owner of several restaurants in California. Moreover, he is known as a TV star who has his own show on the Food Network. In 2010, he was even named the face of the Food Network. In addition, he has been credited for bringing a lot of popularity to the Food Network. It has also been claimed that his show attracts more male viewers than any other show on the channel.

One of the most interesting things about Guy Fieri is that he never had any experience as a chef. When he attended high school, he worked in several restaurants. Later, he went on to manage them and finally ended up as being the owner.
When he graduated in 1987, Guy Fieri started working at Stouffer’s. He was promoted as a manager of one of its restaurants based in California. Finally, he opened his own restaurant in 1996. The restaurant was called “Johnny Garlic’s” which he opened together with his partner Steve Gruber. “Johnny’s Garlic” was established in Santa Rosa, California. Four more restaurants were opened in different locations, including Windsor in 1999, Petaluma in 2000 and 2001. The latter was soon closed. The fourth restaurant was opened in Roseville in 2008. The restaurants are one of the most important sources of Guy Fieri net worth.
In 2003, another restaurant was opened in Santa Rosa. The restaurant was called “Tex Wasabi’s” which sold sushi and barbecue meals. In 2007, another “Tex Wasabi” was opened in Sacramento. In 2011, Guy Fieri opened another “Johnny’s Garlic” in California.
In 2006, Guy Fieri won The Next Food Network Star. This award led him to own his TV show on the Food Network. In the same year, the first episode of his TV show “Big Bite” was launched. The TV show is another important source of Guy Fieri net worth, which brings millions of dollars to him. In 2007, he created another TV show called “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dines”. In the TV show, Guy Fieri is portrayed as travelling across the nation and visiting various eating places.

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