It has been estimated that Gretchen Rossi net worth reaches 3 million dollars. Gretchen Rossi is known as a cast member of the TV show called “The Real Housewives of Orange County” for which she is said to get 375 thousand dollars per season which increases the overall amount of Gretchen Rossi net worth a lot. Before she got involved in the TV show, she was known as a real estate agent which also brought a lot of revenues to Gretchen Rossi net worth.

Gretchen Rossi joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” in its fourth season. She has appeared in fifth and sixth seasons of the show, as well. Although the star was born in Michigan, she was raised in California. She entered university in Texas where she graduated in psychiatry.


When she got enrolled into real estate business, she had to leave it after only a short period of time there. The reason for that was that she got engaged to her fiancé Jeff Beitzel who suffered from leukemia. So instead of working in real estate, she decided to take care of him. However, Jeff Beitzel passed away and it was speculated that after his death Gretchen Rossi was left with 2.5 million dollars from her fiancé which increased the overall amount of Gretchen Rossi net worth.

It has to be noted that Jeff Beitzel was married to several women before he met Gretchen Rossi. Thus, all of his ex-wives were not satisfied with the fact that he left all of his wealth to her. One of his ex-wives named Sharon claimed after Jeff Beitzel’s death that she knew that if Jeff Beitzel was going to survive, he would have left Gretchen Rossi because he knew about her cheatings with another men. However, Gretchen Rossi denied all the rumors that she has been with another men while being in a relationship with Jeff Beitzel. However, even on one episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” Gretchen Rossi was portrayed with one of her other man besides Jeff Beitzel going on a vacation together.

Currently it has been stated that Gretchen Rossi is dating Slade Smiley who is known as Deadbeat Dad. Gretchen Rossi has appeared in a lot of events and made some TV appearances which also increased Gretchen Rossi net worth. She has been scandalous for her nude photo session, dressing as a Daisy Duke on Dodger Day and many others.


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