It has been estimated that Greg Norman net worth reaches an amount of 410 million dollars. He is known as a professional golfer, architect, businessman and designer, which all add huge financial success to the total amount of Greg Norman net worth.
However, to the public he is mostly known as a professional golfer in Australia. He was so good at what he does that between the years 1980-1990 he held the title of the World’s Number 1 Golfer in the world for 331 weeks in a row. Moreover, in the golf field he is sometimes referred to as a ‘Shark’. He got this nickname because of his blond hair, height, his playing style and the fact that in Australian waters there are a lot of sharks.

GREG NORMAN NET WORTH – 410 Million Dollars!

Born in Australia, Greg Norman was involved into sports at a very young age. In his childhood he used to play cricket, go surfing and play rugby. His mother was also known as a golf player and it has been stated that it was her who introduced Greg Norman to golf, the sport which brought millions of dollars to the overall amount of Greg Norman net worth.
When he was 20 years old, Greg Norman was chosen to be an assistant to Billy McWilliam in Sydney. In 1976, he started playing golf professionally and participated in his first tournament. In addition, in the same year he got his first big win in Adelaide, South Australia. One year later, Greg Norman participated in the European Tour. Moreover, he won his first European tournament which was Martini International, which took place in Scotland. In 1982, it was stated that Greg Norman was the golfer who got the most financial success in Europe. In 1980, Greg Norman was the winner of Australian Open, which was his first huge win in his homeland.
In 1981, Greg Norman’s career moved to the United States, where he joined the PGA Tour. Three years later he won the tour at the Kemper Open. He became well known in the United States when in 1984 he participated in the United States Open. When he played against Fuzzy Zoeller, Greg Norman experienced his first collapse in his career which is still remembered by a lot of his fans and sports critics. However, he finished that year well with winning Canadian Open. Therefore, golfing is the main source of Greg Norman net worth.

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