Net Worth:
$200 million

About Gloria Vanderbilt

It has been stated that Gloria Vanderbilt net worth has an estimate of 200 million dollars which makes her one of the richest people in the world. Her net worth comes from her being an actress, fashion designer, writer and artist. Born in 1924, she is also known as a socialite and heiress. She is mostly remembered as one of the originators of the designer blue jeans. Also, she is known because of her family relations. Gloria Vanderbilt is a mother of Anderson Cooper who has her own talk show on the CNN channel. Also, her family is quite prominent and known in the region of New York.

Gloria Vanderbilt was born in New York to her father who is known to the public as the railroad hair named Reginald Claypoole Vanderbilt and her mother who is a second wife to her father. Gloria Vanderbilt was christened in an Episcopal church because her father wished so. However, after his death she was christened in a Catholic church as her mother wanted.

When she was almost two years old, her father died leaving her a trust fund of five million dollars which is supposed to be one of the biggest sources of Gloria Vanderbilt net worth. The right to take care of her money belonged to her mother when she was little. Her mother used to travel to Paris a lot with Gloria Vanderbilt when she was growing up. Together with them Gloria Vanderbilt’s babysitter was travelling who played a very important part into her growing up. Also, they used to meet Gloria Vanderbilt mother’s twin sister Thelma very often. During that time Thelma was known as the mistress of the Prince of Wales. Thus, little Gloria Vanderbilt’s fortune was spent a lot by her mother.

Therefore, her aunt from her father’s side named Gertrude Vanderbilt sought to have custody of Gloria because she knew that she would take better care of the girl and of her finances. It all went to the court which happened in 1934. The court was so intense that sometimes the judge had to force everybody to leave the room so he would hear an honest opinion of little Gloria Vanderbilt without any influences from outside. The court ended up with Gloria Vanderbilt being in a care of her aunt because her mother was judged as an unfit parent to the girl. The story of the court case was even made into miniseries which were called “Little Gloria… Happy at Last”.

Today Gloria Vanderbilt net worth reaches 200 million dollars which makes her one of the wealthiest people.

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