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$26 million

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About George W Bush

One of the most famous former presidents of the United States George W Bush net worth has been said to reach 26 million dollars. In addition to being the president of the United States, George W Bush was also a former Texas governor. Giving some background information about him, the former president was born to his parents George H.W. and Barbara Bush in New Haven, Connecticut. Later, the family moved to live to Texas, where George W Bush also attended high school.

After he finished it, George W Bush enrolled into Philips Academy which was based in Massachusetts. Moreover, the former president graduated from the Yale University, where he finished his degree in Bachelors of Arts. After that, he enrolled to Texas Air National Guard team. In 1978, George W Bush ran for the House of the Representatives but not before he finished his MBA from another university, Harvard Business School. However, he was not accepted to the House of Representatives, but that did not throw him away and George W Bush decided to go into political sphere anyways. The former president believed that this might be the sphere which could grant millions of dollars to George W Bush net worth. In addition to his political career, George W Bush net worth is also increased by his net worth of oil companies. In 1980, he established a lot of oil companies.

They belonged to “Bush Exploration” company which later was renamed to “Spectrum 7”. In 1988, he came back to politics and helped his dad in his political activities. Moreover, George W Bush is also a very successful investor. He bought shares of the Texas Rangers, which is an American baseball team. In 1994, George W Bush tried his luck in campaign for becoming a governor of Texas and he did it successfully. In 1998, the former president was the first governor of Texas, who was elected to be in charge for two consecutive terms in a row. In 2000, George W Bush ran for a presidential post, which he actually won. He defeated his opponent Al Gore.

In 2004, the former president was re-elected again to rule the United States and this time it was john Kerry, the senator of Massachusetts, who was beaten. When his reign was coming to an end in 2008, George W Bush moved back to live in his hometown Texas. However, he was a really loved president, although not everybody in America would agree with that, and his presidency added a lot of money to the total amount of George W Bush net worth.


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