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$8 million

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About Fred Durst

It has been estimated that Fred Durst net worth reaches 8 million dollars. He is known as a musician, singer, songwriter, actor, film producer and director and also a sailor which are all important sources of Fred Durst net worth.
Although he is considered to be from Florida, Fred Durst was raised in North Carolina. When he moved to live to Florida, in order to support his career as a musician, Fred Durst worked as a lawn moaner and also a tattoo artist in order to get financial resources. Little did he know, he would end up being a millionaire from the activity which he loved the most – music, which is the main source of Fred Durst net worth.

He is mostly known as a member of the band called “Limp Bizkit” which started its career in 1994. The band is known as one of the most popular ones amongst rock groups. In addition, it has released six studio albums and was certified platinum.
In 2006, Fred Durst started to be recognized for his involvement into independent films. One of his first films in which he appeared was “Population 436”. His first movie which he directed was called “The Education of Charlie Banks” which was released in 2007. One year later, Fred Durst directed another movie called “The Longshots”. Therefore, directing films is another important source of Fred Durst net worth, besides his career in music industry.
While growing up, Fred Durst was interested into hip hop, punk rock and metal music styles and also taught himself how to breakdance. When he was a teenager, he learnt how to be a DJ, skateboarder, beatboxer and rapper.
Later, he created an idea of forming a band of metal, rock and hip hop music styles. Before forming “Limp Bizkit”, Fred Durst was involved with other bands such as “Malachi Sage”, “10 Foot Shindig” and “Split 26”. Fred Durst created a band with a name “Limp Bizkit”. His decision to name a group like that was due to the fact that Fred Durst wanted to repel the audience and listeners of the band’s songs. At first, “Limp Bizkit” was only known as a group playing in the underground and only after years of hard work they became known to the international music scene. One of the most interesting facts about the band members is that they were tattooed by Fred Durst himself.


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