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About Eli Manning

One of the best American football players Eli Manning net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 60 million dollars.

In addition, it has been reported that his yearly salary reaches as much as 18 million dollars.

Born in 1981, Eli Manning’s real birth name is Elisha Nelson Manning although in the world of football he is mostly known as Eli Manning.

Eli Manning plays in a National Football League for the New York Giants in a position of a quarterback which adds millions of dollars to the overall amount of Eli Manning net worth which increases it a lot.

His father and his brother are also involved into playing American football. Eli Manning is known as a son of Archie Manning who is known as a former NFL quarterback.

In addition, Eli Manning’s brother Peyton Manning is also known as a quarterback of the Denver Broncos team.

In 2008 Eli Manning received a title of the Most Valuable Player because of the winning of his team against the previously undefeated team of New England Patriots.

Four years later he won the same award, when he led his team to win against New England Patriots again. In addition, he also set a new record for the Super Bowl when he did nine completions in a row during the
start of the game.

Thus, Eli Manning is one of not so many football players who received an award of the Most Valuable Player in Super Bowl.

Eli Manning has 10,119 passing yards, 81 touchdown passes and a passer rating of 137.7.

However, when in 2004 he received an invitation to play in a game of Super Bowl, he decided not to appear.

When he was in his senior year at high school, Eli Manning had a lot of awards under his belt such as :

Maxwell award, the National Football Foundation and College Football Hall of Fame ScholarAthlete Award and many more.

Thus, before getting into National Football League, he already has set some records and received a lot of valuable awards.

Getting involved into National Football League increased not only the number of his awards but also the total amount of Eli Manning net
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