Net Worth:
$75 million

About Eddie Murphy

One of the most successful and popular comedians and actors in the United States Eddie Murphy net worth has been claimed to have an estimate of 75 million dollars. In addition to his careers as an actor and a comedian, Eddie Murphy is also involved in other activities such as producing and directing films. One of the most important things about the cinema star is that Eddie Murphy is regarded to be in the top of the highest grossing actors in cinema industry of all time.
Eddie Murphy was born in Brooklyn where he also was raised. When he was only a teenager, Eddie Murphy started to write his own routines for his stand-up comedy acts which were quite successful taking into consideration his young age. His first stand-up comedy routines were influenced by other famous people such as Richard Pryor or Bill Cosby. Thus, his career in acting started with stand-up comedy acts which brought first sums of money to the Eddie Murphy net worth.

In 1980, Eddie Murphy was invited to join the cast of “Saturday Night Live”. He was appearing on the show till 1984. Moreover, Eddie Murphy became the only member of the show to ever host it. In 1982 he appeared in his first big movie which was called “48 Hrs.”. At the same time, Eddie Murphy was still performing on the “Saturday Night Live” show. After his appearance in his first film, the actor got more and more offers and eventually starred in the movies such as “Beverly Hills Cop”, “Harlem Nights”, “Trading Places”, “Coming to America” and also the sequence of his first movie “Another 48 Hrs.”. All movies grossed a lot and a part of the revenues went to Eddie Murphy net worth.
However, in 1990 Eddie Murphy’s value at the box office started to get reduced and it increased only from time to time with his appearances in the movies like “The Nutty Professor”, “Shrek” and “Mulan”. Nevertheless, these movies increased Eddie Murphy net worth as well.
In 2006 Eddie Murphy received acknowledgment from critics with receiving a nomination of Academy Award and winning a Golden Globe Award for his role in the movie called “Dreamgirls”.
In addition to his acting career, Eddie Murphy has also produced a variety of other movies including “Harlem Nights”, “Life” and “Vampire in Brooklyn”. In 1993 Eddie Murphy married his wife Nicole Mitchell with whom he was in a relationship for a very long time. However, they divorced in 2006.

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