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About Dj Khaled

One of the most popular DJs of today Dj Khaled net worth has been announced to reach a little bit over 30.5 million dollars.

DJ Khaled whose real name is Khaled Bin Abdul Khaled was born in Louisiana, the United States.

In addition to his career as a DJ, Dj Khaled net worth is also coming from his other careers such as producing,

doing executive jobs and also hosting a radio show in Miami, Florida.

All in all, the DJ has produced and released five studio albums. Moreover, his three singles reached Platinum status and one of his singles achieved Gold status.

Furthermore, DJ Khaled is now also a president of the company Def Jam South. with his colleague K. Foxx. He has started this radio program since 2003.

The star is also playing music for other bands such as the hip hop group “Terror Squad”.

In 2006 DJ Khaled released his debut album which was entitled “Listen… The Album”.

His other albums include “We the Best” in 2007, “We Global” in 2008, “Victory” in 2010, “We the Best Forever” in 2011 and “Kiss the Ring” in 2012.

Talking about some background information of him, DJ Khaled is of the Palestinian origin and now he lives in Florida.

Moreover, he started his DJ career in a radio station called Power 96.5 FM.

In 1998, DJ Khaled was invited to play in a radio station by M Luther Campbell and the show he hosted was called “The Luke Show”.

In most of his lyrics and songs, it is apparent that he is trying people to persuade to give attentions to ghettos and listen to the people living in them.

Moreover, DJ Khaled has worked with other celebrities and collaborate in their albums such as :

“Real Talk” by Fabulous, “True Story” by “Terror Squad”, “All or Nothing” by Fat Joe and “Me Myself and I” by Fat Joe.

Thus, it seems that DJ Khaled has a lot of work which also strengthens Dj Khaled net worth. For more information please see thenetworth


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