Net Worth:
$200 million

About Dick Clark

It has been claimed that at the time of his death Dick Clark net worth had an estimate of 200 million dollars. He was mostly known as a TV and radio host who died in April of 2012. Also, Dick Clark was recognized from his shows including “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve” and “American Bandstand”. Both shows added millions of dollars to the overall amount of Dick Clark net worth.

Dick Clark was also known as the one who introduced a lot of bands and artists to American and international audiences during his shows. Also, it is worth mentioning that those bands and artists became very popular domestically and internationally.

In addition to him being a host of TV and radio shows, he was also known as a CEO of his own company called Dick Clark Productions. The company is based in California and it is known as producing a lot of shows such as “The American Music Awards”, “The Country Music Awards” and “The Golden Globes”. All these shows added a lot to the total amount of Dick Clark net worth.

However, in 2007 Dick Clark decided to sell the company and it was sold to Dan Snyder who owns Washington Redskins. Dan Snyder bought Dick Clark Productions for 175 million dollars.
It was known that for his show “American Bandstand” Dick Clark did not receive a lot of incomes. If it was to be compared with Ryan Seacrest’s show, Ryan Seacrest gets more than 60 million dollars for it whereas Dick Clark got much less than that. However, it still increased the overall amount of Dick Clark net worth.
In addition, Dick Clark was known as a successful investor who invested in a lot of different spheres of music such as talent management, music publishing and record distribution. Due to his successful investments, Dick Clark net worth became extremely huge. Dick Clark revealed that one of his investments which was worth 125 dollars in the beginning skyrocketed to 30 thousand dollars in only a few years. However, in 1960 Dick Clark had to sell all of his interests in all the spheres of music.

Dick Clark passed away when he was 82 years old in California in 2012. In 2004 he suffered a stroke because of which he was not able to work anymore in his TV shows. Therefore, his job to be a TV host in his show of New Year’s Eve was passed on to Ryan Seacrest.

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