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About Derek Jeter

It has been announced that Derek Jeter net worth has an estimate of 125 million dollars. Moreover, he has been said to get around 33 million dollars as his annual salary.

He is known as an American baseball player. Derek Jeter is also considered to be one of the most wealthiest and highest paid sportsmen in the world Jeter took a huge step and from the level single-A he advanced to the level triple-A.

In 1996 Derek Jeter began to play for New York Yankees team where his position was a shortstop.

In the game, the baseball player hit his first home run in a major league. Thus, in the end of the year he got a lot of titles and awards.

One of them was the Rookie of the Year and the World Series, which he got together with his team.

It was announced that in 2001 Derek Jeter signed a contract with the New York Yankees to stay on the team.

The contract has been reported to be worth 189 million dollars, which increases Derek Jeter net worth a lot.

The baseball player kept on being one of the most prominent baseball players in the history of sports.

In 2003, he got the title of the 11th most distinguished captain of the team.
Talking more about his awards, Derek Jeter has held the title of All-Star ten times.

Moreover, he won Golden Gloves award and Silver Slugger ten times each. In addition, he is known as the only player in the history who in the same season won two awards including All-Star Game MVP and World Series MVP .

Derek Jeter is also the player who holds the record of the most hits in the Yankees history.

In regard to this record, Derek Jeter beat the record made by Lou Gehrig in 2009.

In addition to his playing baseball, the player has a lot of endorsement deals which also increase the overall amount of Derek Jeter net worth. Such endorsements include famous companies as Nike, VISA, Ford and Gatorade.For more information please see thenetworth


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